Saturday, November 24, 2007

Taylor is getting so grown up! She's poised and mature...

And Trey is a character! On Thanksgiving he announced, "I'm thankful for burps!" And demonstrated, of course!

Friday, November 23, 2007

A Visit with the Sullivan-Ross Clan

Brian, Cheri, Joss, and Val joined us at Teresa and Mike's for a day-after-Thanksgiving brunch. Great good fun was had by all - especially the kids as they got acquainted with their new-found grown-up playmates! Poor Val - she suffered Coco's attempts at giving her "an extreme make-over" and Trey's rough-housing!


Jack joins the party! At 16 months, he tries hard to keep up with his older cousins! They do such interesting things, and he's going to join right in!

A picture of one child at a time works better!

Here's Coco (NOT Courtney! She hates that name, as she will tell you with some vehemence!) at age 3.

And Big Sister Taylor, at 7...

And Trey, at five.


Thanksgiving at Teresa's - the Challenge: get a good picture of three squirrely kids together!

Cheri's blog is here.