Friday, June 20, 2008

Trip to Santa Fe

Taylor and I just got back from a Granny-Grandchild trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico on the train. Of the many things we did, her favorites seemed to be: room service; sorbet for dinner; the upper bunk on the train; Mad Libs; staying up until 10, watching the stars or reading; having control of the room key and the elevator buttons; doing handsprings on the bed; and, pillow fights on the train!

Mad Libs (again!)

We spent a day at Bandolier National Park exploring the Cave Dwellings of the Anastazi Indians.

It was great good fun to explore the masks at the Folk Art Museum!

Pillow-Fight, anyone?!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

School's Out!

Crazy hair day at Curtis!

Coco plays with her dolls "Red Cherry" and "Pink Cherry"...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dodger Game

Erin, Jack, Alex, and I met Teresa and Mike and kids at the Dodger game where they had a "stadium suite" - a perfect set-up for kids, with opportunities to watch the game outside or in (lots of tv's conveniently placed), a "living room" with a couch and chairs, a wonderful buffet, drinks, etc. The kids had plenty of (safe) space to run around when they got restless! As you can see, there were varying levels of interest in the actual game...

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Jack and Baseball

Jack loves baseball. He has a glove he wears almost everywhere. He has a baseball cap. He has baseballs and bats. He is constantly pounding his mitt, hitting his ball (or asking you to!) off the tee, running and sliding into "first base" (the front door), throwing... He will sit fascinated and watch a baseball game, and his favorite book is a Baseball A, B, C book ("B" is for base... etc.) Recently he noticed that catchers wear masks, and nothing would do until he could have a catcher's mask! Erin went on-line and finally found a child's catcher's mask - and it has arrived! Unfortunately, even though it is in the smallest size available, it is still too big and heavy for Jack - so he insists his mother wear it! It makes an especially fetching picture to see her in catcher's mask, holding Alex with one hand while she nurses and throwing baseballs for Jack with the other!

Scenes en Famille Laffitte

Baby is VERY tired!

So is Mommy!

Jack thinks he might try taking his nap in Alex's "Moses basket"!

Are her eyes still blue?