Thursday, May 27, 2010

Grandparents' Day

Today was Grandparents' Day at Curtis! Coco, the Accessory Queen, displays the shoes which give just the right "touch" to her school uniform... Can you find Coco and Taylor in their class performances? (Trey was obscured by a curtain from where I was sitting, so you don't have a Trey-Challenge!) And, of course, even as Coco displays her accessories, Taylor and Trey point out their schoolwork... A good time was had by all!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Alex is Two!

Alex is two! So much activity! So many choices! Should she play with her bucket, or play baseball? Why not both at once?! Oops! We need a book break! And now we'll have cake - why wait for the cutting when fingers work just as well?!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jack and Granny's Grand Adventure!

Jack and Granny went on a grand adventure: we took the train from Union Station to Anaheim, stayed in the Disneyland Hotel overnight, and spent time both Thursday and Friday at Disneyland. Highlights of the trip: Anaheim Station is at Angel Stadium (had there been a game, I doubt that we would have been able to go any further! Jack was so excited to be at the ballpark!); the Disneyland Hotel is right next to the ESPN Sports Bar (where we had to stop to watch baseball on the big screen tv outside as we passed, and have dinner there Thursday night to OD on baseball from tv's EVERYWHERE in the restaurant - which somewhat made up for the fact that there was no baseball on the tv in our room!); ducks AND ducklings in assorted ponds at Disneyland; the opportunity to walk on lots of walls; the waterfalls around our hotel room; a "private audience" with Pluto and Chip (or Dale?) at the hotel; and - big discovery! - Fanta Orange drink! We also told and retold the story of Pinnochio multiple times as we got used to the big openmouthed whale at the entrance of Storybook Land! A good time was had by all - and Jack was a very tired little boy when we got home!