Thursday, August 15, 2013

No breathing room!

Today was exhausting! We went from one activity to the next - all good, but soooo many! - and yet, when we came home from one, Jack was chomping at the bit to go on to the next! We'd have a rest-and-regrouping time (often scarcely an hour) and in 5 minutes he was ready to head out the door again!

We began the day with a rafting trip... Beginning with "class one" and ending with "class three." We were grouped four or five to a raft, and Jack was quite clear that he was NOT going with me! He wanted to be with his "new friends," and their mother (a pediatrician AND an outdoors person) said she would take care of him. He did great! He was grinning from ear to ear the whole time! I didn't get pictures of the trip because that would have sent me straight into the drink - I had all I could do to stay in the boat!

The river is a northern tributary of the Andes and is fed by the Veronica glacier, so the water was very cold! (I'm not sure if it was harder to get in and out of the wet suit or to stay in the boat as we went through the rapids!

As we arrived at the end point of our trip, we saw some Andean people crossing the river...a kind of ferry/bridge combination which seems to work well if you don't mind callouses on your hands!

We went from rafting to another pachamanca lunch, this time with a horse show of Peruvian horses, plus some Peruvian dances.

And on to a pottery studio where we saw demonstrations of Inca pottery-making - and then got to design and paint our own tiles.

And then: with adults dragging and kids running around, we went to a performance of Andean folk legends around the creation myth.

And ate some more! (The kids made their own pizza.)

When I collected Jack from the kids table, one of the girls told me, "Jack is the most popular kid here!" And he certainly seems to be!

Another early day tomorrow - and long one! -as we finally get to Machu Picchu!
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jovaliquilts said...

It looks like an amazing trip! Jack seems to be having a blast! It sounds like you are, too. :)