Saturday, August 17, 2013

Some Local Flavor

We began our day with a visit to a typical Saturday marketplace, where there are stalls for every need - radio repair and haircuts as well as meats and produce. Jack was fascinated by the open stalls where they were but hearing and selling meat of all kinds! (The vegetables had less appeal!)

I loved this (very polite but clear!) warning to thieves we saw posted in the market:

After getting an overview of the marketplace, each family was given some Peruvian money and two photographs of local produce and told to go buy those items and return. A contest! Jack took off running, remembering where he had seen the black corn! He was a little frustrated that I couldn't keep up with him (but I tried - I didn't want my grandson loose by himself in a crowded foreign market!)...

Next: a visit to a chocolate factory (I use the term loosely!) and everyone had a chance to make chocolate. What fun!

More Inca ruins, more llamas, more native culture on our way back to the hotel...

...where we had an afternoon of leisure: we read, lunched, read some more, and then went to the pool before our farewell reception and dinner. It was quite a farewell: Andean food and music, with each kid receiving a pan flute as a souvenir.

We're tired! And another early morning luggage pull for our flight back to Lima and then, eventually, home! It's been a good trip!

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