Monday, August 12, 2013

The Adventure Continues!

Jack was full of excitement today, and could hardly wait to get us out the door of our hotel room! We took the bus through Lima traffic (which makes LA traffic look good!) to the port on the other side of the city where we boarded a small speedboat to go over very cold and choppy seas to the island of San Lorenzo to see the sea lions.

There were lots of small islands full of birds en route - One of Peru's main industries is the harvesting and refining of guana for fertilizer, and the birds provide plenty to harvest!

Because the water is so cold (it's fed by the Humbolt current from Antarctica) we were able to see some penguins, as well.

There were sea lions everywhere! Many of the babies were in a kind of nursery along the side of one large rock...

They couldn't find a wet suit small enough for Jack to be able to swim with the sea lions, so they put him on a small raft so he wouldn't miss out on all the fun! He didn't want the time to end, and was reluctant to get back into the boat when it was time to leave!

A second favorite thing was the afternoon excursion to the catacombs of the Franciscan monastery (no pictures allowed!). He and a couple of other boys were running and squealing with delight from one pile of bones to the next!

We wound up the evening with Jack's "third favorite thing" - a cooking class, where we were divided into three groups and taught to make three different Peruvian dishes: Pisco sours (a group of mostly men); ceviche (mostly women); and "Causa" - a chicken and potato dish (the kids). It was great good fun - and the resulting meal wasn't bad, either!

It's early to bed tonight because we have a 5:45 luggage pick up in the morning and an early departure for the airport for our flight to Cusco.

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