Sunday, August 11, 2013

Re-Group and Get Acclimated

Our plane landed to the sound of church bells - a joyous thanksgiving for having (finally!) made it! Having been successfully picked up and deposited at our hotel in the early morning hours (think, 4:30a.m.!) I pulled the black-out curtains, and we went to bed, with the thought that today would have no agenda other than to re-group and get acclimated. And so it has been...

Here are views from our hotel:

Jack has identified his four favorite things of today:

1). Sleeping until 10:30 (yes, really! Time to catch up from the uncomfortable and interrupted sleep of the past two nights!)

2). Breakfast! It felt good to eat a "real" meal instead of the airline-fare we have been served for the past twenty four hours, and Jack took advantage of it: an omelet with bacon and cheese; four strips of bacon; breakfast potatoes; a bowl of papaya, pineapple, and orange slices; a small Danish; a brioche with strawberry jam; and, orange juice and hot chocolate! And he ate it all!

3) Bowling! We explored the entertainment center across from the hotel, and Jack spotted a bowling alley! The perfect place to burn off some little boy energy! (I love that after he released many of his balls, he fell to the ground!)

4) His new Peruvian soccer shirt and hat, both of which he plans in wearing for the whole trip! ("Keep it clean," I caution as the sleeves graze the top of his chocolate mousse (which he was pretending was "moose poop"!)

We're off to bed early before a full day of activities tomorrow!

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